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About Edge Business & Realty Advisors Group

Edge Business & Realty Advisors Group is a Commercial Real Estate, Business, and Finance Brokerage, that helps Investors Buy, Sell and Finance a wide variety of both Business and Commercial Real Estate Investments.

Our role as Commercial Business Advisors goes beyond that of a typical Business Broker or Real Estate Agent. We extensively help Buyers and Sellers with their Business and Commercial Real Estate acquisitions (which alone is a complex endeavor) by sourcing, negotiating, and structuring the Financing required. Additionally, we collaborate effectively with all parties involved in the transaction.

Edge fulfills a very valuable role in the process. We Provide Guidance, Advice, and Other Resources that you will need to make your Commercial transaction possible. Before any Business or Real Estate investment is ever Listed for Sale, We Can provide useful Advice. The Services We Perform allows our Investors and Business Owners to stay focused on what they do best -- running their business and spending priceless time with their families…Worry Free!

For Commercial Real Estate and Business Buyers, we can present to them Investment Opportunities that meet their particular skills, passions or financial goals. Many difficult transactions are made possible with our knowledge, expertise, and access to our Institutional, Private Money, and Equity Investors. And for Sellers, we extensively advertise in many unique marketing platforms to procure the Best Buyers offering the right price and smoothest exit strategy. We are about Maximizing the Return on Investment (ROI) for both our Buyers and Sellers.

Additionally, Edge Business & Realty Advisors Group has a Residential Division with equally qualified staff, to help you find that perfect Residential Home and desirable Community. Whether you are a Business, Commercial, or Residential Client we will give you unparalleled Service to ensure your complete satisfaction. We strive to build Life-Long relationships with our Clients and to BE THERE as your Needs and Desires change.

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